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The best experience for your customers

  • Web reservations for bowling and party reservations, optimised for mobile
  • Works seamlessly with your QubicaAMF Conqueror Pro™ systems*
  • Free more lane availability with our Reservations Optimizer!**
  • Integrates with your CRM system and e-mail marketing solution
* Min. Conqueror Pro v.10 - Advanced Reservation license & Web Reservations Interface required.
** Cycles through groups of 15 lanes at a time to optimize the booking sheet for your entire centre
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Our Products

Web Reservations

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Our customer friendly Web Reservations System seamlessly integrates with your existing QubicaAMF Conqueror Pro™ system:

  • Customers can quickly book bowling or parties through your website 24 hours a day
  • Increases conversion of site visitors into paying customers
  • Increases average order value by upselling food and drink deals, and extras
  • Manage special offers and add-ons through QubicaAMF Conqueror Pro™
  • Create deals that are valid on only certain days of the week and times of the week to increase footfall at quiet times
  • Make big savings on call centre booking costs
  • Mobile friendly booking engine makes booking quick and straightforward for website users
  • Our system handles many bowling centres from one booking page
  • Our quick install reservations module adds bowling and party booking functionality into your existing website
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Reservations Optimizer

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Reservations Optimizer automatically moves reservations between lanes to make room for more bowlers!

With a combination of advanced AI and a little magic, our system looks for the most efficient arrangement of each day’s Conqueror Pro™ booking sheet. reservations are juggled and re-ordered to to produce optimal booking length spaces. The system can move reservations around and checks 3 billion possible combinations to increase revenue from your lanes! Our optimizer runs across groups of 15 lanes at a time, calculating the best possible layout for the Reservations. For larger centres we run optimization runs across the entire centre 15 lanes at a time and then run overlapping optimization runs to ensure that the whole centre's booking sheet is optimized.

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Bespoke Development

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We develop bespoke websites, e-commerce, marketing and CRM solutions to meet the exact requirements of your business.

  • Social marketing and score sharing
  • CRM integration & email marketing
  • Tracking, analytics and digital marketing
  • Custom payment gateway integrations
  • Timesheet management systems
  • Intranet systems.

Our team can integrate your existing systems with QubicaAMF Conqueror Pro™ and your website, and help deliver your vision!

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Case Study - Tenpin

Tenpin is one of the UK's largest bowling chains, running 40+ centres across the UK. Mentor developed Tenpin's new website, CMS and state of the art booking engine software. Our technical team worked with the developers of QubicaAMF Conqueror Pro™ and developed an API system to communicate between the bowling centres and the website. With excellent ROI, and large savings on call centre costs, this project was a great success!

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Case Study - Bowlplex

Mentor Digital managed the planning, UX, graphic design and software development of the Bowlplex website, API and bowling booking system.

Our technical team worked closely with Qubica AMF's team, in Bologna Italy, to develop a bespoke API that allows Reservations to be pushed into the on-site Conqueror Pro™ systems through the website.

Our team developed a mobile specific website with booking engine that was specifically designed to allow people to book bowling as a priority and to find their closest centre.

Bowlplex was absorbed by the 2 other UK major bowling chains in early 2016.

To set up a bowling alley and run a successful bowling business you need Qubica AMF Conqueror Pro™, the complete center management system that puts the focus where it belongs, on satisfying your customers.

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